About Us

At Sakura we believe in the power of new beginnings. We harness individual creativity to find alternative and innovative ways to assist our young people to overcome adversity and thrive. We provide an unparalleled level of care, offering specialist focus to both the low and high end of the spectrum of need.

We deliver a comprehensive range of residential services for young people, specifically 16-25 years of age. We specialise in post-16 care and provide homes that assist the transition to independent living.

We understand how important relationships are in providing a healing environment, and our strong community values remain at the heart of our practise. Our staff teams work closely with our young people, providing unconditional care and support to ‘begin again’.

Our strong connections with local recruitment firms and links with local job centres allow us to focus on helping our young people back into education or training. We work closely with local apprenticeship providers to ensure that there are opportunities to suit every individual.

Our Mission is simple – Making a difference through relationship based care, support and education. We achieve this by creating a culture that values every individual’s creativity. Through this model of care, we can harness and develop a child’s potential so that they can achieve positive outcomes.

We believe that by retaining well paid, well trained and well supported staff, we will achieve the vision of becoming one of the leading providers of Post-16 care services in the UK.