Post 16 Transition Service

Our Post 16 transition service offers accommodation, support, counselling and education to young people aged 16-25. We offer medium to long term placements and emergency placements.

Our staff possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in therapeutic care and are fully trained to support young people from a variety of difficult backgrounds, including young people with: attachment issues, emotional and behavioural problems and physical disabilities.


Support for UASC

Sound knowledge of current immigration policy and procedure means that we can provide support and assistance to young people who have recently arrived in the UK. An individual approach to care that values culture, heritage and community values allows us to support young people through their transition to living in the United Kingdom and becoming a valuable and valued member of society.

Our Approach

Sakura provides a safe environment with strong community values where each young person is supported to recognise their individual value within the home. We believe this is the most powerful way of supporting young people. Our staff teams offer advice and guidance and build meaningful relationships to help our young people on their journey to independence.

Our aim is to provide stability that the young people need to heal and move on positively. We strive to help our young people build their skills in independence, whilst reconciling past experiences and beginning again.

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Our Accommodation

Sakura have a number of Post 16 homes for young people which can accommodate two to four young people at a time. Our young people have their own private room and share communal areas within the home. We aim to ensure that our accommodation is near a main bus route or train station and in close proximity to local colleges and job opportunities.

Tailored Outreach Services

We offer bespoke outreach services to support young people in their homes to gain necessary skills and experiences on their journey to independents. For further details on how we can help , please get in touch and we would love to see what we can deliver for you .

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